Keynote Conference Review

About Keynote Conference

Keynote conference delivers immediate benefits to any organization. They provide a powerful way to share information with customers, partners and colleagues.

What Keynote Conference Web Conferencing Can Do

Keynote Conference offers web conferencing that’s affordable and simple to use. Through web meetings, you can collaborate, communicate and share information without ever leaving your desk. Keynote allows you to meet online to close more business faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods. You can also use multimedia presentations to reach more prospects at a much lower cost.

Satisfied Customers

Keynote Conference has satisfied many customers across the globe.

Web Conferencing Products

  • Keynote Conference Basic
  • Keynote Conference Standard
  • Keynote Conference Premiere

Product Key Features

  • Telephony grade Voice over IP
  • Business Class Collaboration
  • Firewall Friendly
  • Secure
  • Recordable Sessions
  • Reliable

Keynote Conference Technology

Keynote conference is broken down into four main areas: container, user list, text chat and collaboration. Container includes menus, toolbars, cobrand logo and a status bar, which can alert you if there is an error, the status of the microphone and connection. The user list is a list of all the keynote users in the room. You are also able to see whom the current speaker is and who is waiting to speak. Text chat allows you to chat with the speakers during the presentation. The collaboration area enables the users to share PowerPoints or other presentations, such as whiteboard.

Bottom Line

Web conferencing brings many benefits to an organization including, reduced costs, and increased contact with prospects and faster meeting time. All of these benefits result in increased bottom line for any company and Keynote conference can do this. Through web meetings, sales, training, marketing and communication, Keynote allows you to increase prospects and ultimately make more sales. They are affordable, simple and simple to use.