iVisit Review

About iVisit

iVisit software has the ability to combine video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop sharing and presentations all into one easy task. The software iVisit offers works not only on desktop computers but on mobile devices as well. Their biggest breakthrough in their software has been their peer to peer networking which was created to reduce the cost of unified online meetings.

The goal of iVisit is not only to help companies reduce their travel time and cost but to also make communications and widespread meetings as common and as frequently used as email. The software by iVisit allows managers to track, assist and interact with their employees which give them greater ability to lead their teams.

What iVisit Web Conferencing Software Can Do

iVisit’s Web Conferencing Software allows people to talk face to face with live video feeds. This real time ability makes meetings and conferences easier and more efficient. There are a great number of things that the Web Conferencing Software can do and holding online conferences and meetings are just the beginning.

Happy Customers

iVisit has a wonderful Web Conferencing Software that has been used and liked by numerous companies. This is one reason why they have been the recipients of so many awards like CTIA Emerging Technology Awards, Telecom Council, Editor’s Pick, and the Fast-Pitch 2009 Platinum Award.

Web Conferencing Product(s)

  • iVisit Presenter
  • iVisit Mobile
  • iVisit Client Server

Product Key Features

  • Video Conferencing is available with the software
  • Multiparty meetings can be held with ease
  • Presentation and document sharing is capable with the software
  • Application and desktop sharing is available
  • Co-Browsing between meeting attendees
  • Collaboration tools available
  • Audio calls can be made during online meetings
  • Audio and Video messaging capabilities
  • Chat feature
  • GPS Viewer is available
  • Cross platform compatible so not all meeting attendees must be on the same desktop, iPhone, etc.

iVisit Web Conferencing Technology

The iVisit Web Conferencing Software is available through a client server. This allows each user to create their own private LAN, WAN or VPN. This also allows for each customer to have secured access because only the people with the access information can access the web conferences. This is a very cost efficient Web Conferencing Solution and also extremely flexible with the type of systems it will run on.

Bottom Line

iVisit has created top of the line products in the field of Web Conferencing. Their dedication to their customers keeps them at the top of the charts. The many awards they have won show the quality of product that they continue to produce for their clients. It is no wonder so many people and companies are turning to iVisit for their Web Conferencing needs.

No matter what type of company is looking into the software packages, there is something for everyone. There are numerous free features that come with the software that allow for customizable use by each client. These features allow for many different uses when using the software packages by iVisit.