InterCall Review

About InterCall

Your communications needs change depending on who you have to meet with and what you want to discuss. From sales demos and team meetings to marketing seminars and investor relations calls, InterCall, the largest conferencing provider in the world, has a solution that will help you make better connections.

In business, relationships are critical to getting the job done and doing it right. If you can’t communicate effectively and efficiently with your internal teams, vendors, customers and partners, your business goes nowhere. InterCall’s conferencing and collaboration solutions help you stay connected to people, whether they are in another state, another country or just across town.

Since 1991, InterCall has offered the broadest range of services to support the changing needs of small and large businesses. They offer the widest variety of global solutions, through their proprietary products, as well as strategic partnerships with Cisco®, IBM®, Adobe® and Microsoft®, to give you multiple conferencing options and greater flexibility. All of their services are integrated, which provides truly seamless collaboration and service delivery.

With InterCall, you get everything in one place—from basic audio conferencing and collaborative web meetings to video conferencing and support for high-profile events. They have offices around the world so their dedicated 24/7 service teams are always available. No matter what, you can count on their expert staff to consult with you and deliver the best service and features, helping you reach your business objectives.
So start making better connections by partnering with InterCall. They make it easy for you to engage employees, customers and colleagues who are critical to the success of your business—no matter where they are in the world.

InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the largest service provider in the world specializing in conference communications. For more information, please visit

What InterCall Unified Meeting Can Do

InterCall is the world’s largest dedicated conferencing service provider, and their complete suite of conferencing and collaboration services offer worldwide coverage. With global support from an experienced team, InterCall provides web conferencing and Unified Communications services with a high level of reliability and dependability with a 99.9% uptime.

Customer Focus

Since 1991, InterCall has offered customers the broadest range of services, from proprietary solutions to strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors. Over 75,000 organizations and 1.2 million individuals have relied on InterCall’s conferencing solutions. Customers include 94% of Fortune 100 companies, as well as small businesses who rely on InterCall’s unlimited monthly-use plans to conduct their important meetings.

Web Conferencing Software Product(s)

  • InterCall Unified Meeting®
  • Reservationless-Plus® Conferencing
  • Operator Assisted Conferencing
  • InterCall Streaming Services
  • Microsoft® Office Live Meeting
  • Cisco WebEx™ Meeting Center
  • WebEx Training Center
  • WebEx Support Center
  • WebEx Event Center®
  • Adobe® Connect™
  • IBM® LotusLive: Meetings
  • IBM LotusLive: Events

Product Key Features

  • InterCall’s audio conferencing services, including reservationless and operator assisted, give you a variety of features supported by expert service. Whether it’s access to an instant conference or working closely with their knowledgeable staff to plan and conduct a full-service investor relations call, you can count on InterCall to give you easy-to-use conferencing solutions that help you get more from your meetings.
  • InterCall offers comprehensive and interactive web conferencing solutions to help you deliver your presentation easily and professionally. Through their proprietary products, as well as strategic partnerships with Cisco®, IBM®, Adobe® and Microsoft®, you get multiple conferencing options and greater flexibility. Their customized solutions are specifically designed for everyday meetings, training sessions, seminars and announcements to give your message more impact. And all of their services are integrated with their audio conferencing platforms, which provides truly seamless collaboration and service delivery.
  • Using InterCall Streaming Services, you get the most engaging streaming platform, boasting advanced customization options, better platform stability and support, integrated content management features and a more comprehensive user interface. InterCall’s user-proven platform features unparalleled streaming video, animated presentation content and live interactive chat and Q&A, making it the virtual platform of choice for Fortune 500 companies.
  • InterCall’s online events portfolio now includes Unisfair, which enables you to create branded and interactive virtual environments that are engaging and help boost your pipeline with qualified leads. Since 2000, industry leaders across all geographies have leveraged Unisfair’s platform to support their virtual strategies and as a result, experienced improvements in lead generation, customer engagement, training and recruiting.
  • With InterCall Video Conferencing, you can add a personal touch when interviewing new employees, meeting with your most important clients, conducting teleclasses or broadcasting important messages to employees or the media. InterCall not only provides the multi-point video bridging service, but also can help you locate a public room rental, purchase your video equipment and manage the equipment after installation.
  • InterCall offers hosted, managed, on-premise and hybrid Unified Communications (UC) solutions for businesses of any size. We partner with industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft to deliver UC solutions that optimize your existing network, improve productivity and save money.

InterCall Unified Meeting Technology

All of InterCall’s conferencing and collaboration services are delivered through a software as a service (SaaS) model. They also have Unified Communications solutions that can be purchased through hosted, managed or on-premises models.

Bottom Line

InterCall Unified Meeting provides users the flexibility and simplicity which appeals to a larger customer base. InterCall provides customers with an extremely intuitive yet secure platform which facilitates cooperation and collaboration amongst web meeting participants. With InterCall Unified Meeting, users can easily experience the efficiency and effectiveness of web conferencing!