iLinc Review

iLinc is committed to providing its customers with the best online conferencing software available. Its mission is to provide web meeting software that makes meeting online better than meeting in person. With their software, iLinc helps customers save time, travel less, and get more done through its web conferencing solutions. With its experienced leadership and industry leading technology, iLinc has positioned itself well in fulfilling its goals and improving upon its high quality conferencing solutions for the future.

Ease of Use:
iLinc makes it easy to implement its solution within your company. iLinc is built on an open technology platform which makes it easy to integrate with any other applications you may have in your organization. iLinc offers implementation services which help guide you through the process of implementation and helps your company comes up with a plan which most effectively allows you to introduce iLinc to your employees.

iLinc is also very easy to use. iLinc also provides its customers with training services to help you gain the most out of iLinc’s web conferencing software. Customers can utilize these training sessions to maximize the benefits they can gain from iLinc to help them collaborate with clients more productively.

With iLinc, it is easy to start meetings with other users. iLinc provides a host of features that easily integrate into other systems and make it easy to interact with users on the other side of the screen. Key features of iLinc web conferencing include:
• Multi-Person video
• iLinc for Mac – Easy integration with Mac users
• Application Desktop and Region Sharing
• Interaction features such as: Polling, feedback, Participation meter, online chat, and more!

Security and Reliability:
iLinc uses industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your information and protect it from unauthorized users. With SSL and AES encryption technology, iLinc works hard to secure your information so you can rest easy knowing your transmitted confidential information is not falling into the wrong hands.

iLinc offers a number of products to suit your web conferencing needs. iLinc offers different purchase options to suit your budget needs. Pricing for iLinc starts at $39 per month. iLinc also offers pay-per-use plans starting at $.29 per minute. Pricing varies from product to product based on type of product chosen as well as features selected.

iLinc also offers customers an enterprise suite which offers all products iLinc has to offer in one comprehensive package. Contact an iLinc sales representative for more information regarding pricing.

iLinc strives to ensure your experience is the best it possibly can be. iLinc offers a host of support options accessible through its website to ensure you have all the help you need to enjoy all iLinc has to offer.

Through their website, iLinc users can access a Knwoledgebase or searchable article database to find quick solutions to common issues. iLinc also offers user guides to help users maximize the benefit they can derivce from iLinc conferencing solutions.

iLinc also offers users more personalized support for those unique issues that you can’t find answers to. Issues can be handled via a ticket submission through their website where you can provide detailed information regarding the issue and request how you would like the issue to be handled. Support personnel can also be reached via the support telephone number found within their website.

iLinc provides top of the line, easy to use conferencing solutions with flexible purchasing options to suit all types of businesses. With iLinc conferencing solutions, companies save money and time while benefitting the environment. With iLinc’s revolutionary green meter, users can track the amount of harm they are saving the environment while they are saving money conducting their web meeting!