IBM Sametime Unyte Review

WebDialogs was founded in 1998 as it set out to become amongst the leading providers of online meeting solutions. Known for their simplicity and quick deployment times, Web Dialogs quickly became a popular solution for users with all types of technological backgrounds. WebDialogs was acquired by IBM in 2007, but remains committed to the same goals and vision that they initially started out with.

Ease of Use:
With IBM Sametyme Unyte, web conferencing is accessible to users of all skill levels. Sametyme Unyte is quick to install and very easy to use. Get started or join a meeting with only one click!

IBM Sametyme Unyte’s easy to use interface also makes it extremely easy to conduct web conferences. Its simplicity allows presenters to focus on the content of the presentation rather than the actual application. With IBM Sametyme Unyte, both presenters and attendees can benefit from the simplicity of its application.

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte lets you choose which features you want to be included within your web conferencing package. Key features of IBM Lotus Sametime Untye include:
• Desktop Viewing
• 100% Web-based Application
• SSL Encryption
• P2P
• Selective Application Viewing
• Annotation and Pointer Features
• Advanced Meeting Scheduling
• Remote Assistance and Control

Security and Reliability:
IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting is designed with business security in mind to allow you to work both confidently and worry-free, knowing that your sensitive business data is protected. With SSL Encryption, IBM ensures all information shared within your meetings remains confidential.

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte is offered in both quarterly and annual subscription packages. Pricing varies for each package based on the number of users you wish to have in your meeting at the same time.

Quarterly subscription plans start as low as $35 per quarter for support up to 5 users or up to $150 per quarter for up to 25 users.

Annual subscription plans start as low as $30 annually for 2 users and go up to $450 for up to 25 users.

Special group pricing is also available for over 25 users.

Lotus Sametime Unyte is so simple to use that it is possible users may never need support. However, IBM does provide support for those rare occasions in which support is needed.

IBM provides two support options for its Sametyme Unyte users: A Support Forum and Support Request submittal via their website. Users can interact with other users who have similar issues and find solutions from other users with similar problems through the support forum. Questions may also be submitted directly to IBM’s support team via their website for paying customers.

Easy to set up and learn, IBM Sametyme Unyte is a popular web conferencing solution for users of all skill levels. With a free 30 day trial available, try Sametyme Unyte today to see how IBM Sametyme Unyte can help you save on travel costs and improve information flow within your company!