Glance Review

About Glance

Glance started as a small start-up business in founder, Rich Baker’s basement, and ten years later, Glance has become a profitable business that is used by over 5,000 smart businesses worldwide. Glance is focused on helping clients, maximize every conversation throughout the sales cycle, to ultimately help support the customer. They are also committed to the simplicity and dependability of their software. Glance has created software for you to look good in front of your prospects, your customers and your team.

What Glance Web Conferencing Can Do

With Glance, it is as easy as click, show and sell. Glance offers great software that is guaranteed to turn prospects into profit. They ensure their technology will help maximize every conversation throughout the sales cycle. It also allows anyone to personalize their web page and email, and they can work together with the person on the other end of the conference, as well as share presentations. Glance is simple, fast and it works.

Satisfied Customers

Glance has satisfied over 5,000 smart businesses worldwide.

Web Conferencing Product(s)

  • Glance Yearly
  • Glance Monthly
  • Glance DayPass

Product Key Features

  • Simple, one button interface
  • Fast connection
  • Best viewing experience- can invite a crowd up to 100 at a time
  • Personalized emails and web pages
  • Clients can see everything you see: slides, documents, photos, websites, videos
  • Works with PC and Mac

Glance Web Conferencing Technology

Glance’s on-the-fly demo tool is designed to help sales professionals make the greatest impact on every conversation in their sales cycle. By helping move from the prospect to demo, to close and to support, Glance will be there to help every step of the way.

Bottom Line

When talking with a prospect, you are lucky to spend five minutes on the phone, but with Glance’s prospecting process, you are guaranteed to quickly grab their attention. When it comes to the demo, the clients make the decisions on their own time, and tend to not return calls, but with Glance, you can deliver on-the-fly demos whenever the opportunity strikes. As the close gets near, negotiating a deal can be tricky, but Glance is there to show your final proposal, point out key incentives and ultimately close the deal. Glance also has Call Center Managers that can quickly diagnose customer problems and fix them as soon as they arise.

Glance’s main focus is on the client, and their success in the sales force. It allows you to not only maximize every conversation throughout your sales cycle, but also ensure that you and your software look the best.