Fuze Meeting Review

About Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting happens to be one of the hottest new web conferencing tools that allows its users to share everything on their computer screen in high resolution with anyone, anywhere. The goal of Fuze Meeting is to save its users money by eliminating travel costs and labor hours for meeting times. The software that Fuze Meeting offers is top of the line in today’s software world.

Fuze Meeting has a dedicated staff that is ready and willing to assist its users with any issues they have. The web conferencing software is easy-to-use, enabling organizations to implement the solution quickly for rapid user adoption.

What Fuze Meeting Can Do

Fuze Meeting created a web conferencing software that provides users with unparalleled flexibility. Sales presentations, meetings, and much more can be performed using Fuze Meeting. No matter what location the meeting begins in, anyone can join at any time.

Happy Customers

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Web Conferencing Product(s)

  • Fuze Meeting

Product Key Features

  • Video conferencing from desktops and mobile devices
  • Webinars
  • Browser based and device and platform agnostic
  • Ability to share the entire screen from a desktop
  • High definition for better quality
  • Ability to bring attendees straight into a chat or meeting
  • Ease of use
  • Real time information makes meetings more efficient

Fuze Meeting Web Conferencing Technology

Fuze Meeting is a browser based web conferencing solution that does not require any downloads. There are also various packages to choose from when trying to decide what’s best. Depending on the number of people that will be attending meetings or conferences, prices vary quite a bit. There are also a set number of billable minutes each month that come standard with each package.

Bottom Line

Fuze Meeting pride themselves with their customer service ability and great software packages. The web conferencing software is tried and proven, with organizations seeing positive results almost immediately. By offering extended capabilities for the iPhone, iPad and desktop computers, nobody will be tied down to their office for meetings.

The prices for the software are very comparable to their competition. Because there are so many different levels of packages, there is something for everyone. The ability to hold web conferences from continent to continent as well as to manage teams, host sales presentations, show product demonstrations, attend training sessions and share ideas makes this software a great asset to any business.