Fastviewer Review


Fastviewer’s online meeting and support tools have been designed to be extremely simple for all of their clients and participants to meet and support anywhere in the world, from a general meeting/training session, or simply a collaborative one to one meeting with their colleague.

Their focus is on increased attendance through different platforms and mobile devices, offering a very professional bespoke solution, allowing all of their customers to fully brand the text, functionality, logos, invites, and welcome messages, or to fully integrate the solution using their server model.

What Fastviewer Can Do

Fastviewer Confered allows you to set up and run a meeting anywhere in the world in seconds, from a PC or Mac; and with the development of their Webclient, you are able to invite users on a PC, Mac, Linux, or web enabled mobile device, which includes their iPhone app. As a participant joining a meeting, it is as simple as clicking on a URL, or entering the Fastviewer meeting ID. No installation is required.

They are committed to their clients, demonstrating so by offering a free trial, ongoing training, and local support to ensure you receive the best experience possible. Not only can you use the solution to meet with and train up to 100 participants, but Fastviewer’s software can also be used as an online support tool.

Fastviewer Web Conferencing Solutions

Fastviewer offers four web conferencing solutions that can be rented, purchased, or bought in bundles, with additional savings available for larger orders, all of which are based on a concurrent license model which they believe is a fairer model for their clients

  • Confered — allows you to collaboratively run meetings, presentations, or training sessions of up to 100 participants which can also be used as an ad-hoc support tool. Start price of £28.55 / month.
  • Presented — an entry level solution that allows you to run a one-on-one presentation. Start price of £10.55 / month.
  • Supported — an ad-hoc solution that allows you to fully support a remote user; this solution is also included in the ‘Confered’ solution. Starting price £24.55 / month.
  • Remoted — this is an un-manned support solution that can be used with the ‘Supported’ solution or independently. Price on request and this is usually provided on a bespoke package.

Who Fastviewer Works With

Fastviewer works with startup companies, as well as SME’s to corporate clients such as: O2, Hyundai, Panasonic, Pharmex.

Fastviewer Key Features

The Fastviewer is a two-in-one solution that allows you to collaboratively work with your colleagues and clients, offer online presentations or training, as well as serve as an ad-hoc support tool. Some of the meeting features included are as follows:

  • One-click to start a meeting.
  • Fully encrypted solution.
  • Full customization available.
  • VoIP and Telephone conferencing – you are also able to integrate your own Telco if preferred.
  • Supports any software packages.
  • Password protection.
  • Dual screen selection for presenter, which also works in a Support environment.
  • Server solution so that you can integrate the Fastviewer solution within your own.
  • White boarding and drawing tools.
  • Web client offers web based access.
  • User Manager option, allowing companies to allocate licenses/profiles internally with the ability to put restrictions if necessary. As there are no limitations on profiles or users this can be a very useful tool when using their concurrent model.