DRE Software Review

About DRE Software

DRE Software’s Business Collaboration Network (BCN) is an ideal tool for marketing and sales professionals. Founded in Houston, Texas in 2009, DRE Software lets professionals communicate in secure and personalized work spaces with colleagues, partners, prospects, and clients.

What DRE Software Can Do

The powerful web conferencing and collaboration tool features: discussion forums, application and desktop sharing, live chat, collaborative whiteboards, file repositories, and group calendars to make it easy for users to collaborate through their browser-based Business Collaboration Network.

Satisfied Customers

Digital Reconnaissance, ezFoodOrder, Proficio Inc, New York Life Insurance Company, CEEJS Software, Inc., Pump It UP, ChaiOne, Farrell Talbot Consulting, Circle Seven Software

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Product Key Features

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Presentation Sharing
  • Activity Reports
  • Customizable Meeting Viewer
  • Easily Create Impromptu or Scheduled Meetings
  • File Transfer
  • Instant Messenger
  • Integrated Audio Conferencing
  • Whiteboard Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • Pass presenter Control

DRE Software Web Conferencing Technology

DRE BCN is a powerful solution with complete web conferencing capabilities. DRE BCN utilizes SSL security, unlimited file storage, email integration and a number of other features to bring users one of the most unique web conferencing solutions on the market.

Bottom Line

DRE BCN is a powerful enterprise collaboration tool that features complete web conferencing capabilities, as well as file, desktop, and application sharing. The powerful solution only requires an internet connection and web browser for access and can host an unlimited amount of web conferences with up to 10 participants.