DigitalMeeting Review

Technilink iT Limited was founded to provided global conferencing solutions for its customers all over the world. In developing DigitalMeeting conferencing, they provide businesses the flexibility necessary to make critical business decisions. Technilink strives to grow DigitalMeeting and expand the reach of its conferencing solutions to provide its easy to use and innovative conferencing services to more companies around the world!

Ease of Use:
With free training available for new users, DigitalMeeting is easy to get set up and started. You can have a meeting up and running within minutes of downloading DigitalMeeting.

DigitalMeeting is very intuitive and easy to use! Easily host or join a DigitalMeeting from anywhere. Host a personal one to one meeting or a meeting with thousands of participants. With DigitalMeeting, it’s extremely easy to get set up for you and your participants. No software downloads are necessary for participants to join a DigitalMeeting, making it convenient and hassle-free.

DigitalMeeting provides a number of simple, easy to use features to enhance your web conference. Key features of DigitalMeeting include:
• Desktop Sharing
• Application Sharing
• Schedule Management
• Reporting Tools
• Recording Tools
• Invitation Management
and more!!!

Security and Reliability:
All your web conferences are SSL encrypted when you use DigitalMeeting. You control who can join your meetings by setting and changing the password for each meeting you start.

DigitalMeeting is extremely reliable. Tracking statistics on their website display their connectivity and reliability over the past month. DigitalMeeting successfully connected 100% of its conferences and also had a network performance rate of over 99% in the past month!

DigitalMeeting is offered with no lock in period and at no monthly charge. Digital Meeting is offered on a pay per minute basis. Only pay for the time you use!

DigitalMeeting charges 18p per minute per participant in Western Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Other countries are charged at the best available rate at the time of the conference.

DigitalMeeting provides its customers with the best customer service possible. Free Training is providing for all users upon request and customer service doesn’t end there. Support personnel are available for any future web conferences you may hold where you need assistance, allowing you to focus on the quality and content of your presentation.

DigitalMeeting continues to provide its top notch customer service as long as you are a customer by also providing you with a personal account manager to enable you to get the most out of your investment!

DigitalMeeting conferencing services have a global reach which spans 6 continents and hundreds of cities all over the world. With a near perfect reliability rate as well as top of the line security, DigitalMeeting should continue to be a popular conferencing choice for customers all over the world! Contact or have a DigitalMeeting representative contact you to get started on DigitalMeeting today.