Digital Samba Review

About Digital Samba

Digital Samba specializes in providing web conferencing and collaboration tools. The tools span the Intranet, Extranet, and Internet communication channels, and are continuously receiving updates to provide customers with top-of-the-line solutions.

What Digital Samba Can Do

Digital Samba provides fast and easy-to-use comprehensive web conferencing software that has organizations up and running in minutes. Their complete web conferencing solution offer low latency, high resolution video and clear audio right out-of-the-box.

Satisfied Customers

Universal Education Group, Bucks County Community College, PA Turnpike Commission,

Web Conferencing Products

  • OnSync 4

Product Key Features

Digital Samba’s product, OnSync delivers unparalleled audio and video communications with over 100 features for faster and better performance.

Notable Features Include:

  • Cross platform screen control and a wide range of support for several file types.
  • Completely revamped whiteboard capabilities that let users mark-up anything in web conferences and also feature multi-layer support.
  • Improved search features that enable users to easily locate any files, meetings, or contacts.
  • Integrated messaging and advanced scheduling
  • True HD and custom video settings for advanced web conferences and presentations.

OnSync Web Conferencing Technology

Digital Samba’s OnSync web conferencing solution is deisgned with the user in mind. The web conferencing solution requires no messy installs or downloads, can be accessed from anywhere, and boasts a whopping 24/7 uptime.

Bottom Line

Digital Samba designed OnSync to be a unique web conferencing solution that can be deployed on any platform and browser. The streamlined and intuitive interface makes searching for files, presentations, and meetings easy, while providing crystal clear audio and video that leverages over 100 integrated features.