ConferencePlus Review

About ConferencePlus

ConferencePlus is one of the top providers of teleconferencing, and video and web conferencing software. ConferencePlus aims its web collaboration tools towards large enterprises and leading telecommunications resellers, but the web conferencing software is also ideal for small and mid-sized businesses.

What ConferencePlus Can Do

ConferencePlus offers top-of-the-line technology for audio and webcasting for audiences of all sizes. The cost-effective set of solutions provide consistent and reliable audio and video conferencing that enhances productivity.

Satisfied Customers

GE Healthcare, DIME, NOV Downhole, TeenScreen National Center for Mental Health Checkups at Columbia University

Web Conferencing Products

  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  • WebEx
  • IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting

Product Key Features

ConferencePlus provides industry leading web conferencing solutions, which leverage the proven technologies of Microsoft Live Meeting, WebEx, and IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting. Features Include:

  • Slide Presentations
  • Annotation tools
  • Interactive Whitebaord
  • Text Slides
  • Web Tours
  • Polling
  • Applciation viewing and sharing
  • Recording Options
  • Event Registration
  • Chat
  • And More

ConferencePlus Web Conferencing Technology

ConferencePlus solutions leverage the optical Synchonous Optical Network (SONET) with dual physical entrances for all network connections. Their backup power is supplied with on-site battery –backed Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and on-site diesel generators capable of powering the entire facility. ConferencePlus utilizes dedicated connections to the Public Switch Telecommunication Network (PSTN) to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability. Combined with a Nortel DMS-100 switching platform, provides users with an unparalleled level of flexibility in routing traffic and recovering any potential network and equipment issues that can occur.

Bottom Line

ConferencePlus utilizes some of the industries leading web conferencing technology to provide a highly flexible and comprehensive set of collaboration tools. Users can use any features found in popular web conferencing products like WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting and LotusNotes, all from ConferencePlus’ Web Plus web services.