ClickMeeting Review

About Implix


Implix and its flagship email marketing product, GetResponse, were launched in 1999 by 19-year old Internet Marketing pioneer and entrepreneur, Simon Grabowski. His vision of helping SOHO and small business marketers around the globe improve marketing efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability continues to define the company today. Implix currently maintains worldwide operations, with offices in the U.S., Poland and Canada, serving more than 180,000 customers in 200 countries.

What ClickMeeting Does

Implix offers the innovation-leading email marketing platform GetResponse, customized GetResponse360 optimization services, and best-in-class web conferencing ClickMeeting, supported by an international team of customer service experts. Consistent with its focus on helping SMB marketers do more with less, Implix launched the ClickMeeting web conferencing platform at ad:tech New York in 2010. The meeting and webinar packages offer flexible, easy to use features enabling high-impact audio-video events, product demos, collaboration and chat, real-time desktop sharing, and custom branded interfaces.

Customer Focus

ClickMeeting targets the low to mid-range SMB market, but attracts multiple industries focused on increasing real-time collaboration and cutting travel time and costs by transitioning to, or increasing, online meetings, training, sales demos/presentations, conferences, etc. Following the recent launch of ClickMeeting, Implix is initially focused on marketing and cross selling to the US client base of its flagship email marketing solution, GetResponse, followed by aggressive campaigns across select online channels (social networks, industry pubs, directories, etc.) in order to reach global audiences.

Implix products and expert support currently serve more than 180,000 customers in 200 countries.

Web Conferencing Product(s)

The affordable, all-in-one ClickMeeting Platform incorporates two solutions: ClickMeeting for SMB users that want to set up conferences and meetings on the fly for up to 25 participants, and ClickWebinar for companies that require rich media presentations and live video conference streaming for 100 to 1,000 attendees.

Product Key Features

The ClickMeeting online conferencing platform offers a cost-effective, audio-visual alternative to “being there” – on any platform, from any browser – no installation required. Affordable, all-in-one ClickMeeting packages provide the full suite of tools enabling users to:

  • Set up, schedule and host unlimited online meetings of up to 25 people and presentations for up to 1000 people from users’ desktops in minutes.
  • Present, chat, conference using up to 4 high-quality video streams at once.
  • Share desktops with attendees for real-time collaboration and insights.
  • Brainstorm and whiteboard for an instant, visible exchange of ideas and information.
  • Fully customize meeting rooms to create a unique, branded experience.
  • Control audience interaction, shared media, and functionality with intuitive admin panel.
  • Boost meeting productivity and ROI by eliminating travel downtime and costs.

ClickMeeting Technology

Customers can purchase and access their ClickMeeting accounts online, as an SaaS or “cloud” (web-based) service. ClickMeeting high availability cloud servers are currently based in the US, ensuring optimal performance, reliability and security for every online event.

Bottom Line

Online communication is the power that propels the marketplace engine. It eliminates travel time and costs, brings key people together for faster decision making and reduces time to market. From emails to online meetings to sales presentations, it can educate, motivate, and grow revenues for businesses of all sizes. Small and midsize companies, in particular, can compete with major players by communicating across geographies with ease.

The ClickMeeting platform combines the best in online collaboration, with the power of rich media and custom branding – no installation required. It’s incredibly easy to set up and manage – whether presenting to a global audience of 1000 or a single, high-value client. Users can hold team meetings on the fly, present global webinars in high-impact video, share desktops, brainstorm new ideas, and poll attendees – all from a single, intuitive control panel.

The ClickMeeting platform delivers impeccable ease of use and reliability. But most importantly, it introduces a whole new class of media-rich online meetings – combining form and function with the power of branding at a price that everyone can afford.