Bitrix Review

About Bitrix

Bitrix is a web conferencing  provider  small and mid-sized businesses. Bitrix collaboration platforms allow SMBs to communicate with their customers, partners, and employees. Their powerful solutions have helped businesses increase their operating efficiency, while decreasing costs associated with traveling and communication inefficiencies.

What Bitrix Can Do

Bitrix web collaboration platform, Bitrix Intranet, is a collaboration tool designed for SMB’s. The turnkey intranet solution allows organizations to increase employee productivity with capabilities designed for collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow, and knowledge management.

Satisfied Customers

Volkswagon, Xerox, Panasonic, Lumix, Cosmopolitan, Alawar Games, Agnitum, Famatech, EVRAZ, Gazprom, RiT Labs

Web Conferencing Products

  • Bitrix Intranet

Product Key Features

  • Bitrix Intranet is an affordable collaboration tool perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. Features include:
  • Bult-in instant messaging and p2p video conferencing for enhanced collaboration.
  • Instant meeting room registrations and built-in calendars and scheduling.
  • Social networking tools that feature employee profiles , workgroups and more, and the solution integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook and AD/LDAP.
  • Video conferencing features support up to six participants.
  • Bitrix Intranet leverages a highly intuitive Web 2.0 interface to ensure quick adoption from users.

Bitrix Web Conferencing Technology

Bitrix Intranet leverages advanced technology to provide a best-in-class solution for SMBs. Bitrix can be installed on a local or remote server with no client software and is up and running in 30 minutes. Additionally, Bitrix offer multi-platform support, supports all major browsers, and features a systems performance monitor and performance benchmarking tools.

Bottom Line

Bitrix Intranet provides a complete set of web conferencing and collaboration tools for small and mid-sized businesses. Bitrix collaboration tools utilize the same look and feel of Facebook and Myspace to ensure quick user adoption and rapid return on investment.