BeamYourScreen Review

About BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen is a desktop sharing and online collaboration software solution that allows one or more visitors to share what you see on your computer screen across the internet. You can easily conduct online meetings with customers, business partners and coworkers, on a secure site, without inconveniently leaving your office.

What BeamYourScreen Web Conferencing Can Do

BeamYourScreen can be used for numerous occasions, such as team meetings, sales presentations, or trainings. This desktop sharing software helps you manage your time more efficiently and is extremely easy to use. With just the click of a mouse, your BeamYourScreen session starts up and you can begin your meeting immediately. You can show any screen content live without restrictions. BeamYourScreen provides a number of valuable features that will help you manage the online session in the most efficient way possible.

Satisfied Customers

BeamYourScreen has satisfied over 1600 customers over the years and is still adding more. Some successful customers include Yamaha, Toshiba, Berlitz and Pearson.

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BeamYour Screen has focused its efforts on quality screen sharing software that is flexible and efficient.

Product Key Features

Desktop sharing
Secure remote control
Change presenters
File/c;ipboard transfer
Session login on your website
Black monitor
Automatic zoom
Full screen
Recording and playback
Application selection
Pause transmission
Usage reports
HTML viewer

BeamYourScreen Web Conferencing Technology

BeamYourScreen offers many top notch technology features, including true color quality, no installation, no configuration, anytime, anywhere, industry-leading security, firewall, fast speed, highest reliability, globally distributed server system, intuitive user interface and an easy session start. With these features, along with many others, BeamYourScreen is the perfect way to conduct and host your web conference.

Bottom Line

BeamYourScreen gives you the ability to show your computer screen live over the Internet to one or several people. You can use this system to collaborate over the internet with customers and business partners to give presentations and hold meetings that might be difficult to attend.
With BeamYourScreen, you can cut down on travel costs and fees and meet with people in your own office and environment. They have satisfied more than 1600 companies globally and have helped them all to manage their time more efficiently, as well as bringing in a profit.