Banckle Review

About Banckle


Banckle – an online business collaboration applications provider; was launched in 2010 with a vision to enhance business productivity by bringing people together through collaboration. Because collaboration is the vehicle by which people become more innovative and productive. All Banckle apps are tightly integrated with easy online access and an intuitive dashboard interface. Just login, point and click, and you are ready to go. Banckle’s unique collaboration suite is ideal for user groups of all sizes, from individual users to large enterprises.

What Banckle Apps Can Do

Banckle provides a complete suite of easy-to-use collaboration and web conferencing software for unified business collaboration to successfully address all aspects of global and local team collaboration of today’s businesses: online meeting, file sharing and synchronization, live chat, enterprise IM, group chat, remote access, site search and email server. All solutions are hosted in the cloud, require zero software installation and can be used with any browser. Other than increasing business productivity and sales, users can surely save their time, money and travelling costs by instantly collaborating with their employees, customers and partners regardless of their location.

Satisfied Customers

Orpheum Hosting Solutions,  Charisma Studios, Angel Pets of Houston, Venturelogix, Trisocial, Green Restaurant Association, Ogilvy & Mather, Kick Studios, LLC., Texas Instruments, Sonoma State University

Web Conferencing and Collaboration Products

  • Banckle Online Meeting
  • Banckle Live Chat
  • Banckle File Sharing
  • Banckle Remote Access
  • Banckle Group Chat
  • Banckle Enterprise IM
  • Banckle Email Server
  • Banckle Site Search

Web Conferencing Key Features

Banckle Online Meeting provides a cost-effective solution for web conferencing, webinars, audio and video conferencing. Share your full screen or an application, PowerPoint presentations or whiteboards with your clients and colleagues from around the globe. It enables you to start or schedule meetings at your choice and gives you all the power to prepare meeting materials on your computer, set and share meeting agenda, invite attendees from inside and outside and monitor all meeting activities.

Banckle Online Meeting supports the following features:

  • 200 Attendees/meeting
  • Unlimited meetings
  • White Label
  • Application & Screen Sharing
  • Two-way Same-time Sharing
  • Slides Presentation
  • Whiteboard & Annotation
  • Video Conferencing
  • HD Video & Image
  • Share PDF & MS Docs
  • In-Meeting Chat and Q&A
  • Free Integrated Audio
  • Advanced Admin. Control
  • Reporting & Analytic
  • Recording & Playback
  • Multiple Presenter
  • Social Network Integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Vanity URL
  • Standard Email Support

Banckle Web Conferencing Technology

Banckle offers their web conferencing and collaboration tools through a SaaS based delivery model. All of Banckle’s collaboration apps are hosted on highly secured Banckle Servers, but the collaboration tools are also available on-premise through a virtual appliance package.

Bottom Line

Banckle Apps are a cost-effective alternative to high-end collaboration tools. With a free one year subscription, and the same set of robust features as larger enterprise collaboration tools, Banckle Apps provide organizations with a strong and easy to use collaboration suite. The integrated web conferencing suite provides organizations of all sizes with the tools needed to enhance productivity while significantly reducing time and traveling costs.