Avacast Review

About Avacast

Avacast is a provider of a top of the line web conferencing solutions for b2b communications, learning, and training. Avacast draws on years of video production and webcasting experience to bring one of the most powerful and feature-rich solutions on the market.

What Avacast Can Do

Avacaster is a powerful, complete web conferencing solution that is flexible and quick to deploy. The solution meets the needs of any organization looking for a solution for meetings and collaboration, education, training, customer support, events and seminars, mass media, and political campaigns.

Satisfied Customers

Intel Developer’s Forum, United States Army, Microsoft QuickStart, Peregrine’s Executive Forum, Compaq’s SalesTalk, Kaplan, ABC’s The Mole

Web Conferencing Products

  • Avacaster

Product Key Features

  • The powerful Avacaster web conferencing solution enables organizations create and manage dynamic and engaging webcasts complete with, video presentations, application and file sharing, slides, polls, chat, and quizzes.
  • Avacaster can be customized to match the look and feel of any organizations brand colors or imagery.
  • Presentation made on Avacaster are automatically saved and made available on-demand.
  • Leveraging an intuitive interface, Avacaster makes it simple to host and manage online meetings with drag and drop capabilities.

Avacaster Web Conferencing Technology

Built on Adobe Flash technology, the web conferencing solution is easily accessible on any computer and contains extensive video capabilities. Avacaster Multipoint Video automatically detects any microphones, cameras or other devices, and automatically detects the optimal settings to deliver the highest quality experience.

Bottom Line

Avacaster is a unique web conferencing solution that provides a rich experience for users. Designed by webcasting experts from pioneering companies such as Rotor Communications, Digital Planet, iXL, Bent Media, and Keane Consulting, Avacast delivers engaging web conferences on multiple platforms and web browsers.