Auralink Review

About Auralink

Auralink is a powerful video conferencing solution provided by Cenero. Backed by Cenero’s extensive knowledge of audiovisual and conferencing systems, Auralink provides cutting-edge web and video conferencing technology utilizing the latest technology.

What Auralink Can Do

Auralink delivers an outstanding web conferencing solution, complete with all of the features you would expect from one of the best video conferencing applications. The Video Conferencing as a Service offering is guaranteed to increase collaboration and productivity at a low cost.

Satisfied Customers

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Web Conferencing Products

  • Auralink

Product Key Features

  • Superior Quality– Auralink provides the highest quality of video conferencing that can even be delivered in true HD.
  • Scalable Encoding– Auralink naturally monitors network bandwidth in real-time, and ensures the best quality experience by balancing any fluctuations in bandwidth.
  • Application Sharing– Enables organizations to share any and every single thing on your desktop.
  • Multi-Point Calls– Auralink has the ability to display nine separate callers simultaneously, but can hold hundreds to thousands of participants in meeting rooms.
  • Recording and Streaming-Every meeting hosted in Auralink can be recorded and shared for on-demand viewing.

Auralink Web Conferencing Technology

Auralink is one of the most advanced video conferencing solutions on the market and has high levels of interoperability, and even works with firewalls and proxies without a hitch. Auralink can be deployed as a Service, hosted, or on-premise, and can be integrated with standard web service calls and APIs.

Bottom Line

Auralink’s popular web conferencing software is always on the cutting-edge of technology. The web conferencing solution receives frequent upgrades and maintenance, and the low initial cost generates a better return on investment than traditional video conferencing solutions.