ACT Conferencing Review

About ACT Conferencing

ACT Conferencing has been in business for more than twenty years and has supplied some of the world’s largest enterprises with web conferencing solutions. Their goal is to increase revenue for clients as well as help them to reach new markets for their customer base.

Seamless integration is what users will get with ACT Conferencing products. Quality service and quality products are always a given when using their solutions as well. User friendliness and cost effectiveness are some of the highlights that their customers boast on regarding their services. They service multinational clients and make sure that each and every client gets the help they need.

What ACT Web Conferencing Products Can Do

An internet connection is all that is needed to start using the web conferencing products by ACT Conferencing. With 24X7 sharing capabilities it has never been easier to share documents, ideas or product demonstrations with anyone from anywhere. Chat, video conferencing and webcam are all part of the feature rich products they offer.

Satisfied Customers

ABN Amro Banking, Makovsky & Company, Physician’s World, Torque, BridgeTalk, Noodles & Company, Pacific National

Related Web Conferencing Products

In addition to great web conferencing products, ACT Conferencing also offers products in the lines of:

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Unified Communications

Product Key Features

  • Ability to share documents or desktops live
  • 24X7 user capabilities
  • PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Adobe PDF Files are all interchangeable with the product
  • Multiple presenters can pass control when necessary
  • Chat, polling and hand raising features make meetings run more smoothly and efficiently
  • Webcam videocasting assists with real time meetings
  • Ability to playback meetings at any time for anyone that may have missed
  • Billing Fields allow users to assign the session to a specific company or group
  • Ability to lock conferences so that only people necessary are in attendance
  • Pointer feature allows users to highlight certain aspects of presentations
  • Smart scrolling allows the user to scroll their screen as well as all those participating

ACT Web Conferencing Technology

ACT Conferencing offers web conferencing packages on-demand so that there are no additional downloads or hardware required. This allows them to keep their products more cost effective and reach a broader customer base. The flexibility of the software and the ease of use allows users to handle many different tasks with this product.

Bottom Line

ACT Conferencing created excellent web conferencing packages to fit the needs of their customers. The feature rich products allow a multitude of different things to be taken care of at one time. Meetings, conferences, training sessions, product demonstrations and so much more can now be handled with ease and without the worry of “getting everyone together” in one place.

The ability to lock the session and use the different functions makes this product a great tool for companies who are looking to gain new clients. Because the system is so secure there is no need to worry about leaked information. The controller of the meeting will have the ability to pass control when needed so that everything can be kept efficient. Because the system is available 24X7 it is easy to meet the needs of every client in any time zone.