The New Phone In Town…The iPhone 4

The iPhone 4, Apple’s latest smartphone, has many new features that the other iPhone models do not have.  HD video chat is the biggest change from the other models.  HD video recording, FaceTime video chat, the ability to run multiple applications at once, and a 5 megapixel camera with built-in LED flash are some of the many new features of the iPhone 4.  Also, the new aluminosilicate glass is supposed to be much harder and more durable than the other models making it a wise choice for those who drop their phones on a regular basis.

Video Conferencing on iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is ideal for business users.  It works with Exchange Server 2010, where users can see messages from all accounts in one place.  Also, through API’s, data protection on the iPhone has improved.  Apple designed the new A4 chip to make the iPhone more power efficient and to give it the ability to perform complex jobs, such as video chat.
Video chat and the other updates on the iPhone 4 are not enough to entice every customer.  The iPhone has a lot of competition, including the Android OS version 2.2 and even the iPad.  The iPhone 4 is still missing many things, such as the inability to run updates or sync music over the air.  Also, many complain that the iPhone 4 should use the 4G network.
The iPhone 4 will be released on June 24, 2010.  The 16 GB iPhone 4 will be sold for $199 and the 32 GB will be sold for $299.  So, will you buy the iPhone 4 or will you branch outside of Apple products?


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