The Dept of Defense Bets on Adobe Connect

The Defense Information Systems Agency, an operating unit of the US Departement of Defense, today announced an expanded contract for Adobe Connect to enable troops, support units, and military leadership to collaborate more efficiently. Yes Adobe, a company most well known for its design applications and Flash web media technology, is military grade.

To be more accurate, Adobe’s government focused subsidiary, Adobe Systems Federal, in partnership with Carahsoft Technology, a government IT solutions provider, was awarded a multi-year contract valued at over $93 million. The contract consists of a one year base period with options to extend for one year until 2015.

The terms of the contract specify that Carahsoft and Adobe will continue operating, maintaining, and upgrading the existing Defense Connect Online system. The DCO system gives users web conferencing, chat, and collaboration capabilities across the Department of Defense for over 500,000 users. The system has been in use by the DoD since 2007.

The Defense Information Systems Agency or DISA, is the information system management entity that serves groups like the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commands, and the various branches of the military.

Happy with the News

Rob Tarkoff, senior VP and GM of Digital Enterprise Solutions at Adobe, commented on the new contract as affirmation of the company’s collaboration solution:

“For the past several years, Adobe Connect has supported vital collaboration across the DoD’s complex and diverse environments. This new contract will enable continued growth and user acceptance of Defense Connect Online as a vehicle for mission-critical, real-time communication. It stands as strong validation of our solution, and we look forward to ongoing work, along with Carahsoft, to meet the needs of the DoD.”

Craig P. Abod, Carahsoft’s president, was also pleased with the news:

“Carahsoft, in its ongoing and valued partnership with Adobe, is honored to have earned the opportunity to continue providing DoD customers with this proven, indispensable capability. While the Carahsoft-Adobe team is proud of DCO’s past accomplishments as DoD’s premier collaboration tool, we are also excited about its future contribution to improved operational effectiveness for all DoD users.”

In the Future

Government contracts can be sources of rich and dependable revenue. With this news, shareholders shouldn’t be disappointed or surprised. Adobe’s web conferencing software government contract appears to be safe for the foreseeable future.

What’s interesting is reflecting on the way the Internet, web conferencing, powerful mobile computers, and rich media capabilities have touched every aspect of our society, including the military. It will be even more interesting to see how the military might utilize other emerging technologies in the collaboration front.

What do you think about Adobe’s renewed government contract? Expected news–boring but good? How might Adobe further capitalize on the military’s need for collaboration technology? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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