SoftServe Overcomes Communication Barriers with MegaMeeting Web Conferencing has helped SoftServe, a Livi, Ukraine-based provider of high quality software development, testing and consulting services, remove communication barriers with key web conferencing solutions.

In order to continue to build on its recent success, SoftServe had to uphold strong communication between all locations throughout the world. An attempt to realize effective communications via an audio/phone conference bridge produced more communication obstacle, forcing the company to consider other options.

SoftServe tapped to remove the obstacles and is now used by SoftServe for all company meetings conducted by the administration and Delivery, Consulting and IT Departments.

SoftServe explained that it uses MegaMeeting video conferencing for conducting multi-point video conferences between development centers. A major benefit was simultaneous video feeds of all participating centers, which allowed better interaction during the meetings.

The services offered by MegaMeeting also include tools that accommodate robust video and web conferencing, such as advanced features like desktop/application sharing, Word and Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations, without the need to upload any files.

According to SoftServe officials, MegaMeeting’s licensing model matches very well with their company’s operations and meeting practices. The company has dozens of project teams that are distributed geographically and each manager needs to conduct videoconferences. As the conferences take place weekly, concurrent per-seat licensing allows the company to save money comparatively to MegaMeeting’s competitors.

SoftServe confirmed that with, it acquired the ability to have up to 16 live video feeds, screen sharing and PowerPoint presentations. These helped the company to enhance productivity and also conduct more interactive meetings than when the conference bridge was used for internal communications.

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