Smartphone Zen: Citrix & OK Labs Announce THe “Nirvana Phone”

Within the next few years, the majority of mobile phone users will own smartphones. As of now, we tend to think of the iPhone as the “hip” smartphone, the BlackBerry as the original enterprise phone of waning prestige, and the Androids and Google’s Nexus One phones as potential iPhone usurpers. In America at least, the other smartphones on the market don’t have much presence, and the ones seeming to offer the most bells and whistles take the cake.

This week, Citrix announced they’re teaming up with Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) to bring another dazzling smartphone program to the market—which will transform devices into the “Nirvana Phone.” The phone will combine Citrix receiver client software with OK Labs’ virtual machine technology, and will let users access their virtualized desktops from any location. The idea behind the device is to use smartphones as thin clients that will be able to dock with a display, keyboard, and mouse.

The Nirvana Phone architecture sounds like an amazing extension of the mobile device. Laptop and desktop computers will always be the ideal for working, but the Nirvana Phone will certainly benefit enterprise users on the go. The Nirvana Phone’s conferencing capabilities weren’t articulated, but Citrix’s hand in the matter is auspicious. While this isn’t necessarily a drawback, one issue is that ideal visualization usage is with a monitor via HDMI and a keyboard and mouse via USB—not an impossible fix, but doesn’t make a ton of headway in terms of easily moving extensive work tasks away from laptops.

Nirvana Phone technology will be integrated to smartphones within 12 to 18 months. Exact prices are unknown, but phones leveraging the architecture will reportedly not cost significantly more than other smartphones. Demo below:

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