Virtual meetings replacing physical meetings at an unparalleled rate
due to soaring fuel costs: user demand also results in multiple product

BOSTON, MA; August 6, 2008 – Dimdim (, the world’s
free open source web meeting company, today reported year-over-year
growth of more than 792% in the number of people using its web meeting
service and a 385% increase in the number of meetings being held. In July
alone, Dimdim facilitated over 32,000 virtual meetings totaling more than a
million minutes.

Dimdim attributes this explosive growth directly to soaring oil prices, which
increased travel costs for consumers and businesses. This trend is not limited
to the US, but is a global phenomenon in each of the more than 180
countries where Dimdim is used. In 2008, Dimdim users may have saved
more than $61M in travel expenses and eliminated over 100,000 metric tons
of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

“While Dimdim has been growing fast since our launch in September 2007,
the growth that we’ve experienced over the last three months has been
phenomenal. In the last month alone, our users have spent more than 59
trillion minutes in Dimdim web meetings. We’ve seen businesses, consumers,
government and religious organizations turn to our free web meeting service
to save money in this time of towering travel costs,” said DD Ganguly, CEO
and co-founder of Dimdim.

As a direct response to customer feedback, Dimdim has today released an
upgraded version that includes new capabilities directly requested by their
users. More than 50 enhancements have been incorporated into Dimdim 4.0,
the most requested new features include:
• Recording: Hosts can now record meetings and share playback URLs
or embed the recording directly on their own website
• Multiple Presenters: Hosts can promote any attendee to a presenter
• Mac Desktop Sharing: Mac users can easily share their screens
• Free Teleconferencing: All users now get their own free phone
conference account
• Privacy: the ability to host Public and Private Meetings

In a recent survey by Orbitz*, 79% of business travelers and corporate travel
managers said they felt under pressure to cut their travel expenses.
However, expenses associated with travel go beyond hard financial costs. In
joint research published on June 20, 2008, the Global eSustainability
Initiative (GeSI) and Climate Group** reported that CO2 emissions caused
by transport would be reduced by 140m and 220m tons in the years 2010
and 2020 by using technologies such as videoconferencing and teleworking.

“We recently raised $6 million in additional funding to service this
unprecedented demand. This funding had also allowed us to incorporate
advanced features that make the virtual meeting experience so compelling
that the need for in-person meetings is considerably reduced,” continued DD

Dimdim Press Conference
To discuss this momentum, Dimdim’s CMO, Steve Chazin will answer
questions via a free Dimdim Web Meeting today, Wednesday, August 6, 2008
at 4:00 PM EDT.

To join this meeting, simply paste the following URL into any web browser at
the time of this meeting.

Click this link to add a reminder to Outlook or your iCal application:

About Dimdim
Dimdim is the world’s only free, open source web meeting company.
Dimdim provides a hosted web conferencing service where up to 20 people
can share their desktop, show documents and slides, collaborate, chat, talk
and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required – all for
free. Dimdim also offers more powerful versions that can support hundreds
and even thousands of attendees per meeting while saving money, time and
CO2 emissions. Dimdim is backed by the original investors in Skype,
Hotmail, and MySQL. Dimdim is based in Boston, Mass., with offices in New
Hampshire, Canada and India.

Save the world and meet freely at

Contact for Dimdim
Andrea Heuer, Consort Partners
Tel: +1 (917) 886-5113

*Source: Orbitz for Business/Business Traveler Magazine survey
**Source: June 20, 2008 by the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI) and
Climate Group
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