Cisco WebEx Online Collaborative Tools Radicalize Training over the Web

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Most organizations would like to measure the costs invested in training initiatives against anticipated results. The challenge is that it is far easier to measure the costs of conducting training than it is to quantify results. Staff training is expensive, unpredictable but often necessary in the interest of productivity. To make sure it’s money well-spent, consider cost-options for training.

How training organizations and other businesses deliver training

“While many a training program has succeeded in accommodating learners, certain challenges and inefficiencies have been central to the entire business of delivering training. The cost of delivering training to partners, employees, and customers has been high but perceived as necessary: travel, limited geographic reach, and the challenge of bringing additional subject matter experts into the classroom were obstacles to be across. Thus training organizations traditionally have delivered the best possible results “under the circumstances,” often with the distraction of side issues (logistics and cost) that blocked the ability to focus on what was best for both trainers and learners, as well as the entire business” saysKiran Datar, Managing Director, Cisco WebEx.

Organizations are turning to Web Conferencing

Web conferencing has been available and in use for many years in the workplace, but the pace of adoption has quickened in recent years. Live web-based events are now seen as a key ingredient of training programs – an ingredient that is beginning to equal the importance of other approaches – and we can now say for certain that it is beginning to displace live training events. Organizations are increasingly choosing online training in an effort to optimize efficiency.

Web conferencing allows organizations to accomplish more with fewer resources. The cost savings for them are particularly critical when their budgets are tight. Thanks to Web conferencing, trainers can now teach their classes from wherever they are. Geography is no longer a factor, and they can maximize their faculty’s knowledge and productivity.

Through web conferencing, trainers can serve five times as many people as they could with on-site training sessions. And they can provide all of that, while eliminating travel time, saving money on gas, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Promising future for collaboration market

Cost cutting has become an important activity across industries. A penny saved is a penny earned, especially in today’s marketplace where competitions are intense and margins highly stressed. Cost cutting in training can be done efficiently through the use of Web Conferencing. Training no longer has to be a necessary evil but a joy. Investing in developing and improving the talent of the workforce can only lead to better long term returns in the future.

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