New Web Conferencing Platform Available from Zip Conferencing

Zip Conferencing has launched a new version of its Web Conferencing service interface which has been completely redesigned to enhance the meeting experience. The new improved Web Conferencing service still provides the same features of the previous service but has an easier to understand user interface and additional enhancements.

The new platform is built using Flash so there is no new software to download and members are able to join the meeting in seconds.

President of Zip Conferencing, Jim Miller says they believe one of the keys to more people enjoying the benefits of Web Conferencing is its ease of use. Miller said they are making Web Conferences easier to use for the host and the participants will ultimately lead to more wide spread use of this powerful business tool.

Some Web Conferencing Features offered by Zip Conferencing include Application and Presentation sharing that allows you to share an application on your desktop in one click. This service also has the option to share Video with your participants, chat with one or all of your attendees, conduct Polling or Q & A sessions and share results with your audience.

White-Boarding and Web Streaming are also included in the service. The audio conference is integrated flawlessly into the service as well, allowing you to control the audio portion of the meeting.

Zip Conferencing also provides customers with their own unique URL and the ability to customize the interface with their own company logo and choice of colors. The company is focused on providing high quality and reliable audio and web conference call services that combine easy to use, convenient features while providing affordable rates.

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