InterCall & Adobe Team Up for A New Video Conferencing Product

Today, InterCall and Adobe released a reseller and distribution agreement, through which InterCall will sell a complete and fully-integrated Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro web conferencing solution. It’s already available in North America, and will be offered globally early next year.

Leveraging the Connect Pro web conferencing solution, users can securely execute dynamic online meetings and provide cost-friendly training sessions. In addition, the Adobe platform supports presentations and rich media sharing, and can solicit feedback from participants (no matter how many there are). InterCall is a pretty major provider of conferencing and collaboration solutions, so it’s interesting that they’re partnering with Adobe and offering their technology alongside their audio solutions. However, some factors in the connection are elucidated when you consider that Adobe Flash Player, which runs the video conferencing, is already installed in 98% of internet-connected PCs worldwide.

Adobe customers will have access to the new integration with the latest iteration of the product, Adobe Connect Pro 7.5. The venture is another nod toward the growth in web-based videoconferencing. InterCall previously had lots of success with their bridging solutions, and now they’re looking to make a space for themselves in online conferencing.

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