Independent Evaluation Finds iPad Web Conferencing Leading Mobile Devices

The Apple iPad is becoming increasing popular as it continues to move to new heights. Customers are looking for high quality Web conferencing capability both in the office and also on the go and the iPad is their touch device of choice.

The iPad is the only touch device to support full-fledged Web conferencing functionality for its customers and according to the recent survey, the smartphone had a major drawback for online interaction because of its small screen.

The independent Web evaluated several online meeting tools on touch devices and found that only a few solutions on the market offer apps that reach the minimum standard of online collaboration.

The portal tested and compared 36 online meeting tools for iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry before arriving at this conclusion. The best of the eight apps available for the Apple iPad are WebEx, Saba Centra and Teamviewer.

According to the survey, 10 vendors offer these online meeting tools for iPhones, while only four provide solutions for Android and 4 for BlackBerry, as well. All of these solutions support uninterrupted data transmission, while the iPad apps delivered high resolution images.

Consumers just need to remain patient as mobile Web conferencing is still in its initial phase and like anything; it will most likely need to be tweaked a bit in order to perfect the final product.

The full-fledged Web conferencing functionality is currently not available on the iPad. However, when completed it will be able to transfer control of the mouse and keyboard, change presenters, access a variety of apps, and collaborate in real-time.

In a recent company press release, makers of the iPad said the portal will take performance on mobile devices into account when ranking Web conferencing solutions in the future.

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