Fuze Box Offers Webinar Support on Web Conferencing Solution for iPad

The combination of web conferencing and the iPad is sure to grab attention, which would suit Fuze Box just fine. The web conferencing iPad app offered by Fuze Box, Fuze Meeting, is considered a top-ranking offering and is now getting a major boost in functionality.

Fuze Box is adding large scale online meeting rooms with the help of an enhanced webinar mode and improved Dropbox functionality. The latest upgrades to Fuze Meeting are meant to not only add functionality, but also to remind SaaS and cloud-based users that meetings do not require a room or even a computer when the iPad is close at hand.

With the full integration of Dropbox into Fuze Meeting for iPad, Fuze Box believes this demonstrates its continuing commitment to early and frequent innovation of its solutions. And, Fuze Meeting is considered to be the first and only app to bring webinar capabilities to mobile tablets.

The enhancements added to Fuze Meeting help to extend the functionality of this web conferencing tool on the iPad. First, Webinar Mode allows the user to start and run webinars from any iPad. In this mode, Fuze Meeting hides call and Web attendee details from everyone except hosts and presenters to ensure a smooth webinar experience.

Second, the enhancements to Dropbox allow for uploads from Dropbox and other applications directly to Fuze Meeting’s content library. This capability is available within a meeting or before the host starts the meeting. And, third, the whiteboard offers a full view of content so all participants can brainstorm remotely.

Greg Saiz, Director of Product Marketing at Fuze Box, shared in a statement that the company has listened to its customers and as a result, focused on the two most important updates to meet the needs of customers: webinars and Dropbox.

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