Free Web Conferencing on the BlackBerry with Cisco Webex

Mobile technology has become a popular platform for business software solutions. Companies that invest in mobile business solutions realize how crucial real time access to information and applications really is. The internet has enabled information to travel at nearly instantaneous speeds, and it is important for businesses to have access to all the tools and information they need anytime, anywhere.

As a company always on the forefront of innovation, Cisco has announced the availability of a free downloadable client for its WebEx Meeting Center for Blackberry. Although there has been a ton of hype surrounding the Webex application for the iPad and iPhone, the BlackBerry client is actually more relevant. BlackBerry remains the smartphone platform of choice for businesses because it is the easiest to control and manage for IT staffs.

The WebEx application allows users to attend meetings, host meetings, control presentations, handoff control and view documents on their BlackBerry. The free client is best suited for full screen BlackBerry devices with OS 4.6 or higher.

Cisco wanted to focus their attention on providing the best user experience for BlackBerry users. In order to do so, they conducted several rounds of usability testing to ensure that the application was easy to use and intuitive. To optimize fast navigation, Cisco has added shortcuts like “I” to zoon in and “O” to zoon out.

The WebEx meetings on the BlackBerry are delivered on the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud, therefore users can join in from anywhere in the world. Cloud collaboration also gives the IT staff the confidence that the content will be highly secure and reliable from one user to the next. Cisco has simplified mobile web conferencing and made it available to all BlackBerry owners.

To download the free web conferencing application for your BlackBerry, visit

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