Features to Consider When Reviewing Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software has become a necessity in today’s rapidly changing business environment where organizations are expected to react to changes immediately.

The top web conferencing software all contain a variety of features, but at the heart they are all webinar tools that help organizations communicate in real-time without the need for travel. Some of the various features of webinar tools are the abilities to communicate via voice and video, application sharing, desktop sharing, and text chat.

While most of the top web conferencing software focuses on multiple modes of communication in one package, some webinar tools can specialize in delivering unparalleled video and audio quality.

A few key features to consider when looking at webinar tools are:

1. Multipoint video conferencing- Some web conferencing software solutions include this, and some do not. A multipoint video conference connects calls from three or more parties similar to an audio conference call. The benefit of this feature is being able to video conference with several parties who are located all around the globe.

2. Echo Cancellation- Webinar tools can frequently run into problems in regards to audio quality. Users can experience the repetition of their own words, an echo, or even a loud screeching or static sound. To avoid these problems, several web conferencing software solutions are equipped with filters to reduce or cancel out such noise. However, just like with any software, the degree of sophistication within these features varies with different webinar tools.

3. Dedicated vs. Desktop System- Whether using a dedicated or a desktop system can make a huge difference in the web conferencing experience. In a nut shell, the simple differences are that a desktop system uses existing hardware such as the actual computer and monitor, but a dedicated system utilizes its own hardware. Leveraging either solution will have its pros and cons that have to do with the trade-offs between convenience, cost, and audio and video quality.

When evaluating various webinar tools, organizations must go beyond just looking at the top web conferencing software solutions. It is paramount to understand the level of sophistication needed for one’s web conferencing needs and making a decision after closely examining each available option.

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