Easy As Pie: Dimdim Makes Screen Sharing Painless

Of late, a number of video conferencing startups have emerged offering easy, browser-based meeting solutions, and several of them have surfaced as future market leaders. Dimdim is one of those bellwethers.

Dimdim was founded in 2006, and has come a long way since—their latest product enhancement, instant screen sharing, was announced at the end of last month. Dimdim and its competitors may not offer the best solutions for large enterprises, but for SMBs with costly web conferencing solutions, it’s definitely worth considering. Services are free for small meetings, and cost $25 per month for unlimited usage with many more participants. Given that similar solutions from WebEx and GoToMeeting start at $49 per month, we expect to hear much more about Dimdim in the coming years.

The great thing about these emerging web-based conferencing solutions is that prices are continually dropping while features become more sophisticated. In February, Dimdim added screen sharing capabilities, and these functionalities are even available for their free video conferencing model. To utilize it, users simply need to download the myScreen plugin, and can then share screens with anyone with knowledge of that user’s Smart URL, which is based on their Dimdim ID. There’s a controller for turning the sharing off and on, and those conferencing with users with browser trouble will still have access to their myScreen.

Enterprises are only shifting gradually to web-based video conferencing solutions, and though Dimdim and like companies offer enterprise-level solutions, their products certainly air more on the side of consumer conferencing. But Dimdim’s prices are almost unbeatable—it’s remarkable what they can offer for free—and as a company, they’re proving that an enterprise conferencing revolution is not far off.

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