Cisco Jabber Drives Web Conferencing for Government Offices

In a time where rapid response and communication are essential for crisis management relating to world events, ConnectSolutions recently announced the availability of the Global Collaboration Platform incorporating Cisco Jabber technology.

ConnectSolutions is helping the largest federal defense and world aid organizations join forces online and deliver critical, secure communication amid a scalable, FISMA-compliant private cloud.

ConnectSolutions is a managed services provider of secure, global Web conferencing and collaboration solutions that serves the communication needs of federal agencies including the Dept. of Defense, State Dept., FEMA, USAID, and the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Cisco-Jabber Government Division personnel, Harry B. Heisler, says the combination of Cisco Jabber XCP, the leading XMPP presence and messaging solution for the U.S. Federal Government, and ConnectSolutions Collaboration Private Cloud, enables millions of government users to exchange essential information in real-time in a highly secure, always-available environment.

Michael Fitzpatrick with ConnectSolutions says communication and coordination amongst government clients requires their private cloud to deliver “always on” availability and instantly scale to millions of users during a world event.

Such connectivity and collaborations capabilities are in high demand throughout the commercial market. Companies need Web conferencing and other solutions available to them at all times. When these capabilities run in the private cloud, value-added benefits are extended to the user.

Fitzpatrick added that their platform has supported hundreds of millions of messages, billions of minutes of presence, and when it has mattered most, has proven to be capable of delivering to high government security and reliability standards while building one of the largest global collaboration platforms in the world.

A managed services provider of enterprise-class Web conferencing and collaboration solutions, ConnectSolutions is based in Emeryville, California.

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