Cisco Announces Launch of Collaboration Platform

Yesterday, at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, Cisco announced the launch of their own  collaboration platform for businesses, which has a strong focus on video conferencing and instant messaging.  Cisco’s collaboration suite includes three main components.

* Cisco Quad (Available August or October, 2010)
Cisco Quad is a collaboration platform, which is ideal for larger organizations.  It connects people and computers by enabling voice and video conferencing.  Cisco Quad will help companies boost productivity, integrate distributed teams, and motivate employees.  Cisco quad was designed to encourage social networking, employee participation, and the sharing of knowledge.  This creates a united workspace and stimulates innovation.  Cisco Quad is also useful for microblogging.

Cisco's Quad

Prosumer Video
Cisco’s Prosumer Video is designed for users, particularly those in businesses, who want to store and manage video content.  Prosumer Video includes an online video workspace called FocalPoint.  FocalPoint allows users to share videos over a cloud-based network.  The workspace was specifically designed by Cisco for the Flip MiniPRO camcorder, which was created primarily for business use.  Users will be able to edit and store videos on the workspace.

Flip Camcorder

WebEx Connect IM 6.5
Cisco will release their latest instant messaging tool, WebEx Connect IM 6.5.  Users will be able to access their contact lists to send instant messages.  Conversations can be saved.  No local software needs to be downloaded, which makes the product flexible because it can be used on any PC.
Cisco plans to release these three products because they want to address the growing demand for collaboration devices.  They will be available later this year.
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