Blackberry 6 Tablet’s Release is Confirmed

The rumors are true- there IS going to be a BlackBerry tablet. After months of guessing, Blackberry confirmed everyone’s suspicions yesterday when they released a BlackBerry 6 video.

The biggest news about the release of the BlackBerry tablet is that it will have Flash support. It will be a 7” device, slightly smaller than Apple’s iPad. The BlackBerry tablet will have a 1GHZ Marvell Processor. It will run on an updated version of the BlackBerry operating system. There will be a universal search bar and a slide-out keyboard. The BlackBerry tablet will have phone, web, calendar, and SMS or Instant Messaging abilities. The tablet will also aim to complement social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Screenshot of BlackBerry Tablet

The BlackBerry tablet will be ideal for video conferencing because it will have two cameras. This, in addition to the hardware-based Flash accelerator will give the iPad some competition. Tablets are great portable devices for business users- particularly for web conferencing. If you are traveling, the BlackBerry tablet will be handy because you can video chat with anyone with nothing but the tablet!

BlackBerry will compete with the iPad for tablet users. Blackberry is already known to be the number-one choice for business users, as shown with the sales in their mobile devices. Although the iPad has gotten a head start and has sparked the interest of many business users, the chances of business users turning to the BlackBerry tablet instead is high. In market share, BlackBerry is far ahead of Apple. The tablet will also complement BlackBerry mobile devices, so the fact that BlackBerry has a larger consumer base means that more might buy the BlackBerry tablet.

The BlackBerry tablet is expected to launch sometime in December of this year. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak at this latest tablet- the BlackBerry 6.  If you are interested in other web conferencing software, read this report!

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