Avantel and WebEx to Offer Multilingual Web Meeting Services Throughout Mexico

Mexico’s Leading Provider of IP-Based Telecommunications Helps Mexican Businesses Increase Reach and Decrease Costs with Suite of Web Meeting Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 28, 2006—Avantel, Mexico’s leading provider of IP solutions, and WebEx (Nasdaq: WEBX), the leading provider of on-demand collaborative business applications, have partnered to offer a suite of business-process specific web collaboration applications to the Mexican market. The suite includes applications for web-based sales, support, training, marketing and meetings, and is designed to help companies improve communications, increase efficiency and expand market reach by leveraging the web for real-time interactions.

Called Net Conference, the services combine Avantel’s high-quality teleconferencing service with the data, voice and video collaboration capabilities of the WebEx MediaTone Network. Net Conference requires no additional software or hardware, customers just need a phone and a web browser to host or participate in a WebEx meeting. The service even supports multiple language interfaces, making it ideal for domestic and international business meetings.

“Our customers look to Avantel to provide the communications technologies to help them grow their businesses and give them an edge over the competition,” said Miguel Calderón, chief marketing officer, Avantel. “Web meetings are becoming a standard part of smart business communications because they reduce travel costs and improve communications and coordination with customers and partners around the world. We are proud to offer the full suite of WebEx applications to our customers.”

“Avantel has always been quick to identify the technologies and services that help Mexican businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market,” said Rick Faulk, chief marketing officer, WebEx. “Net Conference provides a multilingual suite of collaboration applications, each one designed to improve efficiency and productivity within a specific line of business such as sales, marketing, training and support. Our MediaTone platform makes it easy for telecommunications providers such as Avatel to integrate and offer our award-winning web collaboration applications.”

Pricing and availability:
Net Conference is available starting today. The services are available to customers either on a pay-as-you-go or on subscription basis. For more information, please go to http://web.archive.org/web/20061231205457/http://www.avantel.com.mx/

WebEx applications enable organizations to accelerate the pace of business by leveraging the web as a channel for collaborative interaction with customers, partners and co-workers. These on-demand applications enhance high-touch business processes such as sales, training and support with efficient web-touch interactions. WebEx delivers all its solutions over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for the delivery of on-demand applications.

About Avantel
Avantel is the leading provider of IP solutions in Mexico, and offers a wide portfolio of telecommunications services to the residential and corporate markets. Avantel solutions are especially tailored to meet the diverse needs of companies of all sizes and sectors, and their scope ranges from intelligent voice and data transmission to virtual private networks (VPN), integrated telecommunications packages and managed services.

Avantel’s ten year legacy of technological innovation to help Mexico compete in a global environment was acknowledged in February, 2006, when the Company received Mexico’s National Technology Award.

About WebEx Communications
WebEx Communications Inc., is the global leader of on-demand applications for collaborative business on the web. WebEx applications are used across the enterprise in sales, support, training, marketing, engineering and product design. WebEx delivers its range of applications over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for secure delivery of on-demand applications. WebEx Communications is based in Santa Clara, California and has regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and Australia. Please call toll free 877-509-3239 or visit http://web.archive.org/web/20061231205457/http://www.webex.com/ for more information.

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